Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Clerk of Courts' Office Makes NO Attempts to Collect Debts

by Telephone or E-Mail.

All Official Business from the Clerk of Courts' Office is Conducted via mail.  

The Clerk of Courts' offices are CLOSED on all major holidays

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             Juror Line: 513-887-3550
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General Division
The General Division considers an entry submitted by facsimile valid as an original. The court does not require the submission of the original document, which must be maintained by the filing party.   Applicable court costs must be paid to the Clerk of Courts within five (5) days of the document transmission. The time stamp produced by the Clerk's facsimile machine constitutes the date stamp of the Clerk of Courts office.

The fax number for the Legal Division of the Clerk of Courts office is (513) 887-3966.

The General Division fax filing rule can be viewed  in its entirety on the General Divisions's website at

Domestic Relations
The Domestic Relations Division requires the submission of facsimile filings to the Domestic Relations Compliance Office at (513) 785-5337.

The Domestic Relations fax filing rule can be viewed in its entirety on the Domestic Relations website at

12th District Court of Appeals
The filing of pleadings, not requiring a security deposit pursuant to local rule, may be accomplished by tele­phonic facsimile or other electronic transmission in compliance with the local rules of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals for the county where the appeal is pending.

The 12th District Court of Appeals fax filing rule may be viewed in its entirety on their website at