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SCAM ALERT!  The Clerk of Courts office makes no attempts to collect debts by telephone or e-mail.  All official business from the Clerk of Courts office is conducted by mail.  

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Bond is set by the court that has jurisdiction for the community in which the defendant was arrested. The court files an entry setting bond in the Clerk of Courts office as part of the case's permanent record.


Insurance Bond:  
An insurance bond must be posted by a surety agent certified by the Ohio Department of Insurance and registered in the Butler County Clerk of Courts office.

Property Bond
The following qualifications must be met to post a property bond: 

  1. The property must be located in Butler County.
  2. All property owners must be present to sign the bond.
  3. The property must be free of any liens or judgments.
  4. The property's value must be more than twice the bond amount, over and above all encumbrances.
  5. An attorney must file a notarized affidavit stating that the sufficiency for the property bond has been met.
  6. A copy of the deed to the property from the Butler County Recorder must be filed.
  7. A copy of the last tax statement from the Butler County Treasurer must be filed.

If the defendant does not keep all court appearances, the property may be forfeited by order of the court.

Own Recognizance Bond (O.R. Bond):
If the defendant does not appear in court on an O.R. bond, a new felony charge may be filed. If bond was property, the property may be forfeited. 

Cash Bond
Cash or a certified check are required tender for posting a cash bond.

10% Bond
A 10% bond allows the defendant to be released by posting 10% of the bond amount set by the court.

Bonds may be posted in the Clerk of Courts office Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m. Property bonds may only be posted during regular business hours. For after hours bonds, call the jail at (513) 785-1000.

Ohio law requires bond depositors to pay $85.00. These additional funds are not refunded if the defendant is found guilty.

To release any type of bond, the judge must file an order called an Entry Releasing Bond after the final judgment. Depending on the type of bond, additional release provisions may apply.

Insurance Bond
When the final judgment is filed, the bond's conditions are fulfilled and the bond is considered released.

Property Bond:  
When the final judgment is filed, the Clerk of Courts office will issue a completed Release of Lien form to the Butler County Recorder's Office to release the lien from the property.

Own Recognizance Bond (O.R. Bond)
Once the final judgment is filed in a criminal case, the conditions of an O.R. bond are considered met and the bond is released.

Cash Bond:  
When the final judgment is filed, the amount of a cash bond will be refunded to the depositor by ordinary mail.

10% Bond:  
When the final judgment is filed, the amount of the 10% Bond will be refunded to the depositor by ordinary mail. 


In accordance with Section 3905.87 of the Ohio Revised Code:

(A) A surety bail bond agent shall not file a bond in any court of this state unless the agent is licensed and appointed under sections 3905.83 to 3905.95 of the Revised Code and has registered with the clerk of that court pursuant to division (B) of this section, if registration is required by the court.

(B) To register with a court, a surety bail bond agent shall file, with the clerk of the court, a copy of the agent’s surety bail bond license, a copy of the agent’s driver’s license or state identification card, and a certified copy of the surety bail bond agent’s appointment by power of attorney from each insurer that the surety bail bond agent represents. An agent shall renew the agent’s registration biennially by the first day of August of each odd-numbered year.

To register as a Surety Bail Bond Agent, print the registration form and submit it and the required documents in person to the Butler County Clerk of Courts office, 315 High Street, 5th Floor, Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

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